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Silver Island Yoga 16th – 22nd June 2019

Peace yourself together is a week of rest, relaxation, and unique opportunity to explore where you are in relation to your life. It is about putting yourself at the centre of your thoughts in a very clear, loving way. It is about creating the perspective that helps you to see what works and what no longer does. Where you really truly deeply want to be spending your time energy and wealth.

Retreat offering

Vitality, contentment, peace, healthy relationships and joy for life are qualities that we would all love to have. They are qualities that arise out of a mind and body that is at ease in its surroundings and conditions. Modern living often pushes us out of that ease, and it can happen that we find ourselves at the other end of the feeling spectrum, sometimes too often. Returning to ease requires a turning inwards that many of us have not had the time to access. Retreat can be the perfect opportunity to answer the call. Safe personal space gives us our own time for unravelling the illusion that we are anything other than divine in nature, anything other than love in motion. During the retreat we will meditate each morning in a guided and embodied way suitable for most. As your teacher for the week, I will be available to answer questions and support while you find your ease with meditation. Our asana practice will be centred around embodying healthy alignments that support organ function, building the type of subtle strength that supports easeful living, and releasing the stress that has built up in weeks, months, some lifetimes. Learning and understanding your body and how to work with it, rather than pushing against it is a necessary evolution in your practice at any stage. The yoga will sometimes feel deconstructed. I am very much interested in offering the tools that enable you to find your own groove on the yoga mat, both on the retreat and beyond.

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Past retreat reviews

“Perfect combination of mindfulness, movement, theory and bliss. ” Stephanie Rubenacker, 2018

“Clare was fantastic! She matched our yoga perfectly to the surroundings and managed to adapt the practice to suit groups with a wide range of experience / lack of. She was thoughtful and caring and helped me personally a great deal to get into a spiritual balance” Johanna Michael, 2014