Sian Lewin:  “I started yoga with Clare nearly two years ago. I was returning to yoga after a long break, and knew that I was in need of something to keep body and soul together through a difficult time in my life. I was instantly drawn to Clare’s gentle style of teaching and her soothing voice giving excellent instruction. I have been going to her classes regularly since then, and unless something else important comes up, they are a must do date in my diary. I have found that with her knowledge and patience, my yoga practice has grown, as has my strength and flexibility, but in an effortless and natural way. She is an incredibly warm-hearted person and her style of teaching is one of offering her insights and knowledge up for us to receive as a wonderful gift. I would heartily recommend her classes as way of increasing your mind and body awareness in a calm and welcoming environment.”

Mel Davis: “Your classes are very positive.  When I first joined your class you took the time to understand my disability and have always provided me with alternative yoga positions when needed.  Due to the size of the classes they feel personalised and relaxing in a safe environment; no one is there to show off! I hear relaxing music and your voice giving clear instructions.
I see enough space around each mat to not feel cramped; a light and airy room; and a smile on your face no matter how you may be feeling. I notice myself improving and that you are constantly learning new things, which you share with the class. You are friendly and patient at all times. You never rush people after class. You take the time to answer attendees questions. You enjoy what you do and that clearly comes across.”

Sheila Campbell: “I joined Clare’s yoga class a year ago and always leave her classes feeling uplifted both physically and mentally.  Clare is a great teacher and I feel really embodies the yogic philosophy which she not only brings to her classes but also to her interactions with students individually.   She is thorough in everything she does from her awareness of specific injuries a student may have, and thereby adapting the class to suit, to her overall consciousness during each of the different postures to ensure these are being practised correctly. These may be things that should come as standard in a yoga class but often don’t and Clare always goes the extra mile to understand individual problems and try to help resolve them. You get a strong sense from Clare that she cares and she exudes such a calm and gentle nature that she naturally creates a wonderfully soothing environment in which to practice yoga, I think this is where she really excels.  Having attended several yoga classes over the years she is, in the words of Tina Turner, ‘Simply the Best’.”

Florence Djeditchan : “I met Clare soon after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the time, the hospital had recommended me to practice yoga during my chemotherapy so I contacted Clare. Clare’s sessions really helped me to go through my treatment because they provided me the inner peace and strength that I needed to overcome the disease. Clare not only provided me with excellent and professional yoga sessions, she was a wonderful listener. She provided me with very useful advice gained by her experience with other cancer patients or by her personal research. She taught me relaxation techniques that are so useful and beneficial during any cancer treatment. Clare is a very caring and compassionate person as she truly cares about her clients’ health and really wants to help them get better. She helped me tremendously to deal with the treatment by supporting me mentally and giving me the tools to strengthen my body and my mind with her yoga sessions. She is truly passionate about her job and her passion is communicative!! She has the ability to make yoga so fascinating by sharing her thorough knowledge of yoga via stories and explanations during the sessions. Every time I have a session with her, it is a breath of fresh air in my day. Even in the most difficult moments, she always knows how to use her yoga and relaxation skills to help me relax and focus on the positives of life.”

Rachel Vince : “I started seeing Clare on a one to one basis at the beginning of 2012 when I received the news that my bowel cancer had spread. She has proved invaluable to me throughout my treatment process this year. She is so caring and really takes an interest in her clients, listening to all my hopes and fears. She tailors our sessions to my ever changing needs and abilities. Through NPL and visualisation techniques she has helped me with my needle phobia, and then when I was recovering from surgery, we concentrated more on relaxation and guided meditation. Now I find that my energy levels are returning, we are incorporating more movement and yoga flows into our sessions. Through our work together, I have learnt to relax and prevent anxiety, even when going through some of the toughest times in my treatment. Clare is also helping me look to the future and how I can integrate all these practices into a healthy lifestyle. I cannot recommend Clare highly enough, and especially to anyone who is going through treatment for cancer. “

Stephen Lewis : “You take a genuine interest in your “students” well being. Are always up-beat and positive in class, you make people feel at ease (was not sure what to expect at my first class but keep on coming back!) Your classes always feel very personal not at all like going to a gym class as you have a real connection with the people in the room.”

Avital Porat : “My experience from attending your yoga classes is very positive, I love attending the classes – my favourite is of course Saturday mornings. I find you very attentive, I like the fact that you remember all of our injuries and that you pay individual attention to each student during class. You come across very calm and open person and I think it reflects in the atmosphere you bring to the room.”

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