Private yoga & coaching

There are moments in life when we need someone to walk alongside us while we work something out. As a 500hr senior yoga teacher, life coach, teacher trainer and mentor, private sessions with me have taken many forms. Sometimes we meet for pure yoga, you need to move, to relearn movement, to advance in your movement. Sometimes we meet for stillness, you want to access meditation, to learn breath work. And sometimes we simply talk, something needs airing, this is not therapy but it is therapeutic.

There is a unique opportunity in private sessions to explore yoga and coaching as it applies to you personally. The individualised approach to yoga that I take is what many describe as the practice’s origins, and a great way to dive deeper if you already had some experience. For some, the idea of joining a group class with no idea of what is going on, is too much.

My clients have ranged from a single session to answer a particular question to a group of 6 sessions to begin working with a specific intention. I also mentor teachers who have completed their training and want support, guidance and accountability as they develop a teaching practice. And I have clients who I have seen week on week for many years, steady 1:1 practice that has remained constant through many family and lifestyle changes.

Some reasons you might want to book a private yoga or coaching session

  • You are experiencing change and are not sure how to be in the midst of it.
  • You are new to yoga and want to understand the basics before joining a class
  • You have an injury or illness and want to understand more about your body and how to practice
  • You give a lot to other people and its time to book 1 hour a week that is dedicated to filling your own cup

We can talk prior to meeting to discuss your needs in brief, and whether I am able to work with you. If I am not available or the best placed teacher I have a network of colleagues who I can recommend.

  • My rates are £85 for an hour.
  • If you are booking a block of sessions, £450 for 6 sessions.

Contact me via the form below, this goes directly to my email address and I will get in touch with you to arrange time to talk.