A born and raised Londoner, I discovered yoga, Reiki and healthy nutrition in my early 20s to balance busy London life. Qualifying to teach yoga in 2008, I moved to full time teaching and massage therapy. Today I am a experienced registered yoga teacher 1000 hour, and recognised yoga teacher trainer, offering pathways to teaching yoga and helping women prepare for birth and motherhood.

I’ve been fascinated in holistic health since I was very young. We grew up homoeopathically, and aware of intolerances and their effects. I gave my first talk on the benefits of homeopathy at 11 years old.  

After changing career to teaching yoga full time in 2009, I continued my trainings as a massage therapist (holistic and ayurvedic), a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, and a life coach. I also attend various yoga workshops each year and have studied with, and worked for, Katrina Repka since 2012. Most recently I have attended training with Biomechanist and natural movement specialist Katy Bowman.

After my initial yoga training I joined Mum, as we expanded her Physiotherapy and Complementary health practice into ReCentre-health, where I was teaching group and private classes. Finding ways to improve my knowledge and understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology became a clear focus, and led me to three years of workshops at a London teaching hospital, in the Cadaver studies lab. I am now on the board of directors at ReCentre-health.

Since having my son in 2016 I have been teaching on trainings, retreats and privately.