I am myself

In a week of discomfort, featuring my boy’s first illness, and all the accompanying stress, I’ve been on a parallel journey of hearing and sensing a steady flow of information and inspiration.

One of the key real-I-sations has been how much I am myself. Giving birth has altered an important perception for me, about who I can be. All my life I have leaned towards watching others and coveting aspects I perceive in them. As I’ve deepened my awareness of what that yearning does to my energy I’ve called myself on the leaning and reined it in. In a world where information flow is faster and more prolific than ever in history, the ease with which my mind would compare my inner self, to others outer expression is a concern. The result has always been an insecurity that cannot be quenched. However I have never really felt so completely at ease in myself as I do this month.

The awareness that I AM ME, that I can only ever be me, and that any projection or reflection of myself that I seek is only a fraction of my whole, is liberating. With 2017 on the horizon, I feel and hear a new way of expressing who I am and what I do.

May this channel that is awakening flourish and serve all.

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