To be born is to be chosen…

“…a special destiny was prepared for you. But you were also given freedom and creativity to go beyond the given, to make a new set of relationships and to forge an ever new identity, inclusive of the old but not limited to it. This is the secret pulse of growth, quietly at work behind the outer facade of your life. Destiny sets the outer frame of experience and life, freedom finds and fills its inner form.

If you can awaken this sense of destiny you come into rhythm with your life. You fall out of rhythm when you renege on your potential and talent, when you settle for the mediocre as a refuge from the call.

Rhythm is the secret key to balance and belonging. It is the rhythm of a dynamic equilibrium, a readiness of spirit, a poise which is not self centred. The ebb and flow of tides is alive in the ebb and flow of our breathing. When you are in rhythm with your nature nothing destructive can touch you. Providence is at one with you; it minds you and brings you to your new horizons. “

Excerpt from Anam Cara by John O’DonohueIMG_0002

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