Music for relaxing flow

For mothers to be and new mum’s the perfect playlist for preparing and recovering from birth can be so helpful. I’ve been listening to and loving these tunes lately both in practice and in my quiet moments. All are available on iTunes to purchase, except for the Aya & Tyler music which is on a previous link.

  • Devi Prayer – Craig Pruess & Ananda
  • Surya’s song – Aya & Tyler
  • Threnody – Goldmund
  • Waheguru – Kundalini Chillout : Liquid Mantra Remix
  • Walk the Walk – East Forest
  • Yuapunga – East Forest
  • Gayatri – Wah!
  • So much magnificence – Miten & Deva Premal
  • Medicine Melody – Aya & Tyler
  • Sky Mantra – Subway Bhaktis
  • Weightless, Pt 3 – Marconi Union
  • Letting go – Shaman’s Dream

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