Moving into meditation

When I remember that all life is cellular, and all cells vibrate, it feels easier to understand that all vibration has a momentum. Much like a ship moving through the ocean, my cellular body is moving through time and space with a particular velocity.

Bringing awareness into my body and breath. Moving in rhythm with the present moment, changes my velocity.

The first year that I was introduced formally to meditation, I struggled. Thankfully my wise teacher – for reasons of her own – had invited us to sign up to a year’s classes. They were held on sporadic days but booked for the whole year in advance, and paid for. The commitment I had made, encouraged my attendance even when I was resistant. And I found the discomfort of sitting in meditation very easy to resist. But during the year something shifted. My pavlovian response to the meditation adjusted, and as my body mind knew where I was going and what was about to happened it began to quieten, to relax.

A few years into my meditation practice, I began to notice that one of the features of meditation was that I experienced a deep release in my inner organs. As my visceral awareness heightened I felt conscious of my digestive organs relaxing. This deep level of relaxation was unlike anything I was expecting and surprised me.

Yoga, as many of the peaceful practices, is a change of momentum. A practice of adjusting speed and time, so that more awareness is available in the present moment.

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