Autumn music for yoga

It’s that time of year when I am drawing on all the inspiration I can possibly find. Candles, incense, music and quotes are featuring highly in my home practice. Connections with friends and family, long walks and time in nature and hugs from the man I love are also just as important and valuable. From a yogic perspective these darker colder months are a time of Tamas – of a depth and darkness that can be tough to expand beyond. To rediscover ourselves in the clear stream of Sattva, peaceful balance, we must move (operative word – movement will help especially before you meditate) beyond the Tamas, find the light and lift our spirits to remember the brightness that we are in our essence.

Here is an updated list of beautiful music I am currently listening to for yoga. Perfect for relaxation, movement and stillness. All is available on iTunes.

  • Om Asatoma – Deva Premal
  • Shivaratri – Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt
  • Window – The Album Leaf
  • Gaia Nector – Masood Ali Khan
  • Jai Sita Ram – MC Yogi
  • Jets – Bonobo
  • Magic – Coldplay
  • Pieces – Bonobo
  • Out of the Mist – Jami Sieber
  • Jewels in Indra’s Web – Jami Sieber
  • Weightless – Marconi Union (this whole album is wonderful!)
  • Letting Go – Shaman’s Dream
  • River of Rain – Jami Sieber
  • Sarasangi – Music for deep relaxation
  • Gayatri – Wah!
  • Tides – Garth Stevenson
  • Ra Ma Da Sa – Snatam Kaur
  • Kissing – Bliss
  • Devi Prayer – Craig Pruess & Ananda

I hope you are enjoying your self practice and finding all your favourite ways to support your yoga at home.

With love

Clare x

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