ISHTA Diksha

Getting to stillness is a challenge for many. Coming to a screeching halt from the razzmatazz of day to day living, with a coffee in one hand and our to do list in the other, we find that even once our body is still our mind is still racing. In yoga we learn how to meet the energy level we are on and pace it, guiding it to a place we can be still, and then returning ourselves to a functioning reality afterwards.

Here is a rough cut copy of the pre meditative asana practice as learned in the ISHTA lineage. Its the short physical practice I use daily to clear the energy lines when I wake up before sitting in meditation, and we did this same routine every morning on retreat in Silver Island. It is useful before the pranayama (breathing) and kriya (cleansing) techniques that we use once we are sitting. For those of you who were on retreat, this will be a lovely reminder of how to get yourself back to stillness.

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