What’s the music?

Music that transports us, particularly on the journey into yourself, equals happiness to me. Here are my current faves. Download, relax, get on your mat, your carpet, or wherever you are comfortable, and go looking for that one move that makes you think ‘aaaaahhhhh’. With so much thanks to all the artists, these tunes uplift me and return me to myself. All tunes are available to buy on iTunes.

1. Om Asatoma – Deva Premal

2. Atman Kama – Masood Ali Khan

3. Jewels in Indra’s Web – Jani Seiber

4. Shivaratri – Benjy Wertheimer & John De Kadt

5. Melt into the Sun – Random Rab

6. Jai Sita Ram (instrumental version) – MC Yoga

7. The Whisper (feat. Rena) – Random Rab

8. How it ends – Catacomb Kid

9. Gaia Nector – Masood Ali Khan

10. Kissing – Bliss

11. River of Rain – Jami Sieber

12. Gayatri (Luscious Chill Mix) – Wabi

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