Escape to Silver Island

This time last year, I was on my way home. At this very moment I would have been miles high in the air, on the 7.10pm BA flight to Heathrow, watching the sunset through the window, blissfully wrapped in the glow of a week there. I have long believed that places hold magic, I’ve felt that since childhood, and have vivid memories of specific spots that fed and nurtured me as I grew up. Silver Island is one such place.

I met Claire and Lissa Christie when we were introduced through friends, friends who don’t do yoga, and so in that way that friends who don’t do yoga do they connected us, because we both do yoga so we must get on. And marvellously, Claire and I did, instantly. We chatted away and I began to recommend teachers and contacts we can connect her with through the studio, when she said in her clear voice ‘but YOU must teach!’. And I agreed immediately, retreats I had taught previously had never been as complete an experience as this and I was deeply intrigued.

It’s an intrepid journey to Silver Island, and I think that’s part of the mystique of the place. I have long joked that the significance of your journey, particularly to a place or time you have allocated for yourself, is indicative of what will arise for you when you arrive. Meeting strangers on the way, particularly ones you will stay near to for the week ahead, and especially at 4am in a foreign airport is beautifully adventurous. There are no airs and graces at that time of day.

The sun is hot from the moment it rises, and on that first morning it baked us all the way to the dock. The boat ride to the island was full of intrepid exploration and Lissa’s warm welcome was met with a slightly fuzzy response from everyone so ready to see bedrooms and drop bags. The first cup of tea, the first yoga practice, and by our first delicious dinner we all felt so clearly at home. And from then on it’s snap shots that fill me up with a warm glow from deep inside.  Sunset, food, olive trees, lovely people, pebble beach, sea, sun, morning meditation, breakfast, sea, lunch, sea, yoga, sleep and so on day by beautiful day for days. It felt long, luxurious and so fulfilling. Until the final morning, and the marvellous rhythm was interrupted by an exciting early morning rise to kayak around the island at sunrise. So purely special, so cleansing, the perfect ending to the last full day.

I lost weight, tanned, released tension, and I was the one ‘working’. We made friends, are still in touch, and lives have changed since that week. This life, these moments, these are our collections, memories & superlative experiences. I returned a year ago today, and got married the following week. Relaxed, happy, and with the happy energetic residue of the island still on my skin, in my breath, in my vows, and carrying me forwards. In 5 weeks time I am going back. But it won’t be back, it will be anew, afresh, a return but also a new discovery. Two more weeks, with loved people already booked and new people to meet and escape with. In the beautiful way that escaping, truly deeply escaping, can bring you back to a deep place of comfort with yourself, allowing everything else that is not you, to simply fade away.

With love and light to Silver Island. A magical place. I thank you.

Welcome noteSunriseSunset dinnerPebble beach

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