I find music soothing, focusing for the mind and rhythmic. Here are my current fave tunes for yoga and relaxing. All these tunes are available on iTunes

  1.  Om Asatoma by Deva Premal
  2. Households by Sleeping At Last
  3. Higher Love by James Vincent Mc Morrow
  4. Thunderclap but Dr.Toast
  5. The Whisper (feat. Rena) by Random Rab
  6. Flux by Garth Stevenson
  7. East by Garth Stevenson
  8. Good Life by OneRepublic
  9. Only Love by Ben Howard
  10. Melt into the Sun (feat. Binyana) by Random Rab
  11. Forbidden Friendship by London Music Works
  12. Odyssey by The Gaudan Project
  13. Flying by Garth Stevenson
  14. The Alienist by Randam Rab
  15. Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur

And for those of you who come to my antenatal classes. We always relax to:

Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess and Ananda

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