Workshop 21st September: Introduction to ISHTA

ISHTA yoga is an holistic and integrated yoga practice. Every session includes pranayama breathing techniques, strong and steady asana and is followed with meditation. Clare is one of a handful of teachers in London qualified in this practice, which comes from the rishis of India via South Africa and the US in the form of Alan Finger’s teachings.

Sitting on sunset rock, Silver Island.
Sitting on sunset rock, Silver Island.

This two hour workshop class will be featuring a full asana practice including pranayama and meditation. The workshop is the setting up of the reCentre’s Monday night class, which from October will be an ISHTA class.  It will introduce you to the philosophy that sits behind the practice, enable you to understand where we are headed and how we get ourselves there in our yoga.

A delicious opportunity to deepen your hatha yoga practice. With the unhurried time of a Saturday afternoon, the beautiful space of the reCentre studio, and the magnificent spectrum of the ISHTA practice this is bound to be a very special class for you. The workshop runs on Saturday 21st September from 2.30 – 4.30pm and costs £25

To book your place click here, it will take you to the reCentre website

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