Silver Island Yoga


Silver Island Yoga

What could be better than yoga in nature, sunshine, delicious food, and great company? How glorious will it be to wake up each morning feeling alert and refreshed and to hear the sounds of the island as you find your way to the yoga platform? The warmth of the sunshine as it rises and the smell of the sea breeze filling the air? Imagine yourself there now. Do you feel instantly a little more relaxed? Our natural state is to be calm, kind and loving. These are not attributes we should feel the need to strive for. All too often, they are forgotten in the midst of stress and burn out which becomes our norm. If this sounds familiar, it is time to book yourself in for the week where we will bring all of your parts back together, and redefine your wholesome self.

Join Clare for a week of sunshine, nourishment, laughter and a discovery of the yoga that works best for you. In the light hearted spirit of ISHTA yoga, Clare will lead a week of practice with daily meditative visits to your very own place of deep peace. Finding your inner space where the beauty of our surroundings is reflected inside you, and can always be accessed for ever more. The ISHTA route to meditation is one that addresses many of the peculiar niggles of meditation we may have, and is suitable even for those who have denounced their ability to sit still. Refreshing the body with cleansing asanas, releasing out old tensions and moving into a strong sense of comfort and ease. We will utilise the wonderful practices of ISHTA to cleanse the mind and balance the energies of the body so that you find yourself in deeper states of stillness than ever before. Return home after this week feeling truly wholesome, healthy and happy.

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